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Tek - Wood to Metal

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Part # DescriptionPrice
PMT.10A175Z #10-16x1-13/16 PLYMETAL TEK *NO WINGS*$24.54 (C )
PMT.10C143Z #10-24x1-7/16 PLYMETAL SELF DRILL SCREW$23.32 (C )
PMT.12C162Z PLYMETAL TEK SCREW #12-24 x 1-5/8 w/WING$33.70 (C )
PMT.12C225Z PLYMETAL TEK SCREW #12-24 x 2-1/4 w/WING$47.16 (C )
PMT.12C275Z #12-24x2-3/4 PLYMETAL SELF DRILL SCREW$54.51 (C )
PMT.14C300Z 1/4-20 x 3 *PHILLIPS* PLYMETAL TEK$66.04 (C )
PMT.14C325Z 1/4-20 x 3 *PHILLIPS* PLYMETAL TEK$68.00 (C )
PMT.14C375Z PLYMETAL TEK *ZINC* 1/4-20x 3-3/4 w/WING$76.40 (C )
PMTS.12C250 #12-24x2-3/4 PLYMETAL SELF DRILL SCREW$119.28 (C )